Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Quilt Gypsy is Alive and Well

After a two-year hiatus from blogging, the Quilt Gypsy has returned to the web, hopefully with something to say and some things to show. I've recently found UFO's from 20-plus years ago ready to be completed and shown off to more than my close circle of stitching friends and artists. I am so glad to get back to my quilting, sewing, and mixed media work, and I feel as if part of me is suddenly alive after having been locked away in a dark closet.

All of this reminds me that art is alive; it is part of a live force that follows an infinite path sustaining the creator and the creation (notice that there is no capital c in that statement. The Creator is self-sustaining.)

About this time of year when my daughter was nine years old (a long time ago), I noticed she was becoming irritable, then unhappy, and finally miserable as we moved through the days of early spring. When I tried to interest her in drawing and painting, two of her favorite activities, she said she couldn't do that. Probing further (as a mother is wont to do), she finally told me she had given up art for Lent. Why? I asked. Her reply was quite simple: "I'm supposed to give up something that means a lot to me." Out of the mouths of babes! I had to explain to her that her love and pursuit of art is essential to her happines. We agreed that she would limit the time she dedicated to her art during Lent, and my little girl returned to her happy self, realizing that she was making a Lenten sacrifice but not giving up something that was as necessary to her wellbeing as eating a balanced diet.

I believe that art is such an integral part of the artist that he can never experience a fulfulled life if he is denied an opportunity to pursue his creative passion. On that note I close this post wishing for everyone an opportunity to follow his or her passion, whether it be art, sports, gardening, mechanics, or any other positive, creative human experience. Go out and create!

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